Deliverables during the 1st year of Implementation

In the past twelve months, the first results and plans had been delivered for the REVOLUTION project. At the beginning of one project, critical plans should be established. In REVOLUTION, those plans were delivered through: D7.1 Contingency Plan (quality assurance and risk management), D7.2 Preliminary Data Management Plan, D6.1 Report on 1st iteration NPA, D6.6 First Interim Plan for Dissemination and Exploitation of Results and, D6.9 First Interim Plan for Communication of Results.

The first results about technical activities were successfully submitted under the deliverables: D1.1 Master Report on Specifications for Material Design, D2.1 Interim Report on Parameter Monitoring Framework, D1.5 Optimal virgin PMMA formulation developed for the Injection Moulding of the B-Pillar Cover, D3.2 Training of neural network for material models, and D2.2 Final Report on Parameter Monitoring Framework.

Due to the confidentiality of the results, only one of them is available at this stage. It can be downloaded below.