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Supporting the Electric Vehicle REVOLUTION through maximising EV Range and End-of-Life Vehicle Recovery through optimisation of recycled plastics and advanced light materials.

Disruptive Innovation

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What is Revolution?

REVOLUTION focusses on overcoming the challenges hindering the use of recycled materials, but more broadly, restricting the widespread adoption of circular economy principles in the automotive industry.

Forthcoming ELV directives are expected to recognise the potential for plastics to enable a circular flow of materials in the automotive sector. Implementing minimum post-consumer recyclate (PCR) targets in any new plastic components in vehicles are currently being discussed. These targets will disrupt the automotive industry.


REVOLUTION aims to demonstrate automotive components, using polymer solutions that feature optimised recycled materials in order to increase light-weighting opportunities that extend the range and efficiency of Electric Vehicles and improve end-of-life separation of components to facilitate proper dismantling and the material’s reuse, recovery, and recycling.

Use cases

Back seat panel

This component is currently made of a formed steel sheet that is welded to a metallic frame. REVOLUTION will build on CRF’s previous efforts to convert this component to a SRPO, with a weight saving of ~55%.

Lower Rear Bumper

It is a coloured aesthetical part. Many times, it is difficult to attain the appropriate colour and gloss using post-consumer recycled materials and, at the same time, keep mechanical and physical properties.

B-Pillar Cover

During the REVOLUTION project, the manufacturing of a 2k dual-part will be transformed into a mono-material injection moulded component using post-industrially recycled PMMA.

Crash Box

Nowadays, most crash boxes are commercially produced using steel. The rear crash box demonstrated in REVOLUTION will be a 100% polymer solution.

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