The main goals of the REVOLUTION project are:

The REVOLUTION project will demonstrate automotive components using polymer solutions which feature optimised recycled materials to increase light-weighting opportunities that extend the range and efficiency of Electric Vehicles and improve end-of-life separation of components to facilitate proper dismantling and the material’s reuse, recovery, and recycling.

The two main goals of the REVOLUTION project are, first, the weight reduction of the components, contributing to increased range and paving the way for enhanced electric vehicles. The second goal is the incorporation of circularity and sustainability principles in the car component industry by increasing the recovery of material for recycling and/or reuse up to 80%.

Establish specifications for material design and develop compliant materials for the corresponding use cases.

Development of an in-line monitoring framework, a predictive process model and an AI Model Predictive Control System.

Development of conceptual models for material optimisation using machine learning and eco-design principles and creating designs and simulations for the above-mentioned components. Deliver scale-up specification targets for production.

Manufacture, demonstration and validation of the use case components.

Demonstration of the recycling or reuse of more than 80% of the components tested in the corresponding use cases. Cradle to cradle Life Cycle Analysis and Social Impact Analysis.

Undertake a Techno-Economic Assessment and creation of business plans.