Last 5th December, the Enlight EVs cluster organized the conference “Leading the Way in Innovative Lightweight EV Components” at the Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo, in Stuttgart (Germany).

REVOLUTIONALMALEVIS and FLAMINGo projects presented different events with a common view: these EU-funded R&D projects are developing innovative solutions, tested in industrial pilots, that can be rapidly applied in the automotive market to reduce EV weight, while considering structural integrity, passengers’ safety, and sustainability, through eco-design and circular practices.  

After the successful event, the cluster was present at the expo during its whole duration: an exhibit booth were installed at the fair, showing the items developed in the different projects: H-Frame, Door ring (ALMA), Steering knuckles and additives for Metal Matrix Nanocomposite (FLAMINGo), steering column carrier group and sustainable CF panel (LEVIS), SRPP Panel and Crash box (REVOLUTION) between others.

The power of collaboration and collective effort cannot be overstated: when we come together, pooling our knowledge, resources and expertise, we can drive meaningful change and shape a better, more sustainable future for all.

Check out some of the pictures of these days!